Canon Coating Co. utilize the most advanced and up-to-date tools in the industry to get your project done. From Truncated Domes to thermolplastic road striping, Canon has got you covered. See below and explore some of our services!

Line Striping

Canon has the experience and expertise to get any striping job done. Be it Thermalplastic or road legends, we have the tools to tackle any challenge. All of our materials fully comply to CalTrans. Follow the button below to learn more!

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Our signs are made with only the highest longest lasting material available on the market. All of our signs are also fastened with the most advanced anti-vandal hardware with the ability to be installed on a very wide range of surfaces; from posts to walls to fences! Follow the link below to learn more.

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Truncated Domes

Canon Coating Company, Inc. provides and installs Detectable Warning Systems for the visually impaired and meet all California Building Codes and ADA requirements, more accurately known as The American Disability Act, and other regulations for new and retrofit applications. We have extensive experience in this area, which is sometimes considered a confusing area of construction.

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From slurry seal to patch back we provide excellent asphalt services to your parking lot or roadway. Our crews are experts in the field with years of experience in the asphalt maintenance industry. Follow the link below to learn more!

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